The McGuire Law Office, LLC, recognizes that an arrest and criminal charge is a life altering and terrifying experience. No criminal case is alike and will vary based on the individual circumstances of the person and the criminal case. There is no more important decision for a person facing criminal charges than who is hired to be your advocate in the complicated and often hostile criminal system.

Kathy McGuire has represented thousands of juveniles and adults facing criminal and juvenile delinquency charges in large and small jurisdictions throughout Colorado.  Kathy has twenty-five years of experience litigating cases and representing both juveniles and adults. She has the interpersonal and trial skills necessary to listen carefully, understand each person’s unique background and history, and communicate this to prosecutors, judges and juries in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone she represents.

As both a lawyer and a social worker, Kathy understands that criminal charges are often associated with an underlying alcohol, drug or mental health condition. In the appropriate circumstances and with her client’s consent, Kathy will help her clients navigate the complicated service system and create a plan which can lead not only to a more satisfying life but also to a better outcome in court.

Kathy McGuire is available to represent you through this challenging and uncertain time no matter where you may be charged in Colorado.  Contact Kathy McGuire at kmcguire@kathleenmcguirelaw.com to schedule a consultation.

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